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Ship Owners Representatives

We represent and manage fleets on behalf of ship owners as well as source for cargoes for our fleets, leveraging on our state-of-the-art shipping web portal (www.admiralmarine.com.ng)

From our rang e of fleets, we can provide :

A. Supply / Utility Vessels
B. Seismic / Survey Vessels
C. Diving Vessels
D. Tramp Vessels
E. Bulk Vessels
F. Crew Boats


We take extra care and diligence in handling crew members, especially foreign crews, as we work to ensure their papers are up-to-date, as well as guarantee their comfort and safety.
A. Processing of Expatriate Quota
B. Renewal of Expatriate Quota
C. Extension of Visitors Pass
D. Processing of Temporary Work Permit (TWP)
E. Processing and Extension of Shore Pass
F. Processing of Return Visa / Re-Entry Permit.



Inland haulage often involves multiple handling processes which can be very tedious and time consuming. Thus, at Admiral Marine, we have developed a unique and seamless integrated solution, aligning efficient transporters to meet
y our business schedule and in close coordination with the clearance of your ocean/sea freight cargoes to avoid demurrage and time wasting.

We ensure that your cargo is moved professionally to and fro. Admiral Marine has large network of quality transport service providers under our retainership with capacity to move both FCL and LCL either by truck or road at your convenience at competitive rates; and bringing to bear our experience in transporting heavy and over sized cargo with maximum safety.

SPECIAL FEATURES IN OUR HAULAGE SERVICES: Rigging Services/Special Project, Perishable Items Transportation and Storage ,Haulage Insurance.


Under  our   Special  Services  we  offer:Under  our   Special  Services  we  offer:A. Towage  ContractB. Marine  Consultancy / Superintendent  ServicesC. Labour  Contract
Depending  on  Receiver’s / Shipper’s  demand, we  can  arrange for delivery  of  Cargo  within  24  hours  of  arrival  to  r eceiver’s  premises.
Regarding  Customs  Clearance, Admiral  Marine  can  offer special express  services  on  direct  delivery,  leveraging  on  our  good  corporate and  inter-personal  working  relationship  with  relevant  authorities,  put  to  the  advantage  of  our  clients.  Our  expert  handling  allows  for  Fast  Track  Customs  Clearance  and  speedy  delivery  of  highly  valued  and urgent  materials  to  clients.  Standard  Customs  Clearance  procedures  take  approximately  five  (5)  working   days.  But, we  can  deliver  within  three  working  days,  as  long  as  complete  and  correct  documentation s   as  required  by  Nigeria  Custom s  are  strictly  adhered  to.


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Our trucks work for you

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LNG Transportation

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